Humour is a cultural thing. Decades ago as an Englishman I fell about laughing at such masterpieces as Monty Python's Flying Circus and the Spam Song was on everyone's lips when spam was still a rather disgustingly bland and tasteless meat mash. Benny Hill and his antics had us all in stitches and Tony Hancock was probably the most popular entertainer on British television. Here we are now in the 21st Century and Pythonesque humour looks stilted, wooden and, frankly unfunny. Much of Benny Hill's humour (that's how we brits spell 'humor') looks silly and childish and although perhaps politically correct thinking has gone a bit too far I can't help but think that most males who behaved like Benny Hill would finish up in jail pretty damned quick with their lives marriages and careers in ruins. Hancock now looks like the sad, tragic and neurotic man that we was in real life as much as on the screen. So, who am I to talk about American comedy? Most of us in the Old Country laughed at Lucille Ball and her husband Desi in "I Love Lucy" and it was our first introduction to the tastes in humour from across the pond but as our tastes matured Lucille's didn't and she fell from her pinnacle over here. Since those days comedy has changed and changed and as it has done so our tastes have moved further and further apart until I think that we ought to change more than the spelling of 'humour' and invent a different word completely because what makes Americans laugh is completely incomprehensible to the average Brit.

So it is with Walker and Cantrell. I have tried and tried to analyse what they do, what they say, and how they say it but I remain bemused, baffled and, most important of all, unamused.  Here are a few examples of their art; perhaps you will reach a different conclusion.


Surviving Geddes

Wow! Offbeat confessions of a nude model



Walker and Cantrell plan an elaborate heist - wierd



Cure Jessie's Depression

Manic cookery lesson

Time Travel

Can such a thing exist? You'd better believe.

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