Robots and Temporary Car Insurance – Are You Covered?

There are many reasons to get temporary or short term insurance for your car. Many people get it for their friends if they lend a car to them for a while, or if they need insurance when they go overseas. There’s one thing that many insurance agents won’t tell you when you purchase such insurance; Robots are not covered.

In a recent survey of 20 different insurance agencies, when asked if robots were covered under their temporary insurance, 100% of respondents responded with a clear “No.” The responses as to why robots are not covered varied greatly. Some respondents stated that technology was not advanced enough to produce a robot that could drive a car safely, making such coverage a liability. Another popular response was that robots are not human, and that temporary car insurance is only available to persons known to have been born, rather than robots, which are produced in factories. One respondent replied that they didn’t know what a robot was, while yet another responded that they don’t cover robots due to them being “stupid” and “not as cool as ninjas.”

Humans can still get cover though - try here in the UK.

The conspiracy against robot coverage goes even deeper, however. When asked if attacks by robots were covered under their temporary car insurance, 90% of respondents again stated “No.” Robot attacks have risen dramatically in the past two years according to one expert, who wished to remain anonymous for fear of retribution from robots and robot sympathizers. Hardly a day goes by without the news reporting on yet another attack from an unfriendly robot, with cars being a popular target. This is because cars are a large source of metal, which hungry robots require in order to grow stronger. With these attacks on the rise, why are insurance companies refusing to pay?

In our survey, the most popular response was that it should be up to the manufacturer of the robot to pay for any damages caused in these robot attacks. The robot manufacturers, however, disagree. One of the largest robot manufacturing companies, also asking to remain anonymous, responded to this allegation as “ridiculous.” “We cannot afford to pay for every ‘robot accident’ that occurs,” stated the company representative, “and it is ridiculous to claim that damage to a person’s car would not be covered simply because said damage was caused by one of our robots.”

So what can you do if you need temporary car insurance and you want to be covered in case a robot attacks or possibly steals your car? The options at this point, unfortunately, are limited. With the growing popularity of robots, insurance companies need to recognize that the idea that only humans drive cars is an antiquated one. If you want robots to be covered, write your insurance company and let them know. When it comes down to it, what other option is there…robot insurance? Now that’s just silly.